Sunday, March 16, 2008

Having Fun with Shaving Cream

This is Sassy Suzie. She is from the Occasions Mini Collection. I used the shaving cream technique. It is very easy. I use a Styrofoam tray and cover it with a layer of shaving cream. Take a reinker and add drops all over the shaving cream. To do a card front you only need about 4 or 5 drops. Take a stick and swirl the reinker into the shaving cream. Don't swirl too much or you will mix the reinker with the shaving cream too much. After you are done swirling lay your card stock face down into the shaving cream. Push in to make sure it is covered. Peel the card stock out of the shaving and wipe off the shaving cream. If you have a bowl scraper in your kitchen that would work nice if you don't use a tongue depressor or a scrap piece of card stock. After you get off most of the shaving cream use a paper towel and dry your paper. The card stock will be a little moist, let it dry for a couple of minutes or heat it with your heat tool. Then you are all done! Have fun.

Have a Great St. Patrick's Day!